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Power White Treatment

The ultimate in brightening, hyper pigmentation control and skin tone correction with dramatic results in just 2 weeks.

Day after day , it fades dark spots and discoloration for renewed clarity and even skin tone complexion. Treatment provides moisture and vitamins to skin that has been exposed to ultraviolet ray for a long time. Thus, restores a youthful vitality.

It also soothes,brightens and supplies concentrative nutrients to tired skin and promote healthier skin.


San Bao Body Therapy

Treatment is based on the Eastern Philosophy of Three Treasures: ‘Jing’ 精, ‘q’i 气 & 'shen' 神 to bring balance to your body and rejuvenate the “energy” that make up life.

Therapy stimulates lymphatic drainage & detoxification to release tensions and clear blockages. It helps to achieve beautiful body contour and also prevent cellulite re-accumulation. Treatment has excellent moisturising effect that nourishes & softens the skin.

Treatment focuses on neck, shoulders, scapula, waist, buttocks, thighs, tummy & head. You will experience a younger body & soul with lifting, toning, contouring, relaxing and many more benefits.

Wonder Essence Treatment

A special massage technique combined with excellent ingredients, named as “Wonder Essence”, it aims to deliver deeply moisturising effect that improve your skin’s elasticity, brightens and enhance skin restoration.

It has excellent anti-aging effect that reduces wrinkles. It also improves dark eye circle and edema.

ARF Face + Eyes + Neck Treatment

This latest technology integrates Radio Frequency (RF) + Vacuum + LED to achieve advanced rejuvenating effects for your face. It aims to reduce wrinkles through collagen regeneration and increasing ATP Energy. Through promoting lymph and blood circulation, it achieves detoxification and brightening effects. Effective for face, eyes & neck lifting and overall skin tightening.

ARF Body Contouring Treatment

ARF is one of the latest technology that combines RF + Vacuum + LED for an effective body contouring treatment. It increases metabolism rate, breaks down fat deposits and facilitates toxins drainage.

Treatment also stimulates cell regeneration. Thus, achieves firmer skin and more defined body contours.


Combining the IPL & Laser, this latest technology is excellent in treating acne, pigmentation, melasma and hair removal.




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